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Organic acacia honey Harmonica

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BGN 11.65
Information about the Product 

Color: golden

Taste: distinct, sweet

Appearance: liquid-like

Made in Bulgaria
Invoice Price Category 
Био мед
BGN 11.65

How it's made 

Acacia honey is one of the earliest (collected in early spring) and very difficult to collect. At this time of year, bee’s colonies are weakened by winter, and acacia pasture lasts very short - only 6-7-8 days. The weather is also not very favorable for our little friends - it is often erratic, it rains, it is cold, a cold wind is blowing, and makes it difficult for the bees. Acacia honey is very light, transparent, sugar-coat very slowly (for 1-2 years, and more when it's pure) and it’s has the lowest glycemic index among different types of honey - about 30-33.

Nutrition value per 100 g

Energy / 1484 kJ – 355 kcal

Total fats / 0 g (which of saturates – 0 g)

Carbohydrates /  81.7 g (of which sugars 81.5/ g)

Protein / 1.05 g

Salt /  0 g

Съдържание: 100% био мед.

Хранителна стойност в 100 г.

Енергийност: 320 kcal / 1270 kJ
Мазнини: 0 g
Въглехидрати: 80 g
Белтъчини: 1,67 g


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