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Organic mint cordial Harmonica

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BGN 13.76
Information about the Product 

What do you say about some mint syrup? As refreshing as sea waves during the first day on the beach.


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Сироп harmonica със захар
BGN 13.76

As cooling as the shadow under the grape vain. As explosive as a bag of mint drops. Sweetened with cane sugar.

We used mint leaves Mentha piperita variety - the most oily and fragrant species possible, gathering sun in the Strandzha meadows

Nutritional value per 100 ml

Energy –1033.6 kJ / 247 kcal

Total fat – <1.25 (of which saturated fatty acids <0.3 g)

Carbohydrates – 58.48 g (of which sugars – 54.30 g)

Protein - <0.47 g

Salt – <0.027 g


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