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Organic crunchy peanut butter Harmonica

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BGN 7.99
Information about the Product 

Aroma: peanuty

Color: brown

Taste: nutty

Appearance: paste with tiny chrunchy bits

Storage: at room temperature

Invoice Price Category 
BGN 7.99


Peanuts can be found in a form of a paste as early as the age of  the Aztecs. We do not claim that we make our peanut butter strictly using their tehnology, but we are not too far off.

How it's made 

For better taste we enhance pieces of crushed organic peanuts and hardtack whit peanut butter and jam can make wonder.

Ingredients: 100%  organic peanuts 

Nutrition value:

Energy 2685 kJ – 641 kcal

Total fats / 51 g (which of saturates – 9.4 g)

Carbohydrates / 18.4 g (of which sugars / 4.4 g)

Protein / 26.7g

Salt / 0.02 



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