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Organic whole einkorn flour Harmonica

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BGN 9.48
Information about the Product 

Aroma: typical

Color:  dark white

Taste: flour

Appearance: typical for the product

Storage: at a cool place

Exp. Terms: 18 months

Made in Bulgaria
Invoice Price Category 
BGN 9.48

Extremely high-valued flour, known to people for millennia. It is rich in Magnesium and other minerals as well as A, B and E vitamins. Suitable for consumption even by clients with gluten intolerance.

Ideal for making healthy snacks, sweet or salty, which you can consume in large servings guilt-free.


One of the biggest advantages the spelt has, is that it doesn’t contain cholesterol. The Vitamin E and Selenium, contained in it, play an important role in destroying the free radicals. The spelt improves digestion and the condition of the spleen and the pancreas. In its composition are found elements that help to maintain the musculoskeletal system.

Nutritional value per 100 g

Еnergy value: 322kcal /1362kJ
Prortein - 12,4 г.
Carbohydrates -  60,6 g (wich of sugar 0.1 g)
Total fat -  3,3 g


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