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Organic Rosehip Marmalade Harmonica

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BGN 6.44
Information about the Product 

Roseship marmalade with beet syrup, no sugar

Aroma: typical for roseship

Color: dark brown

Taste: sweet-roseship-y

Appearance: marmalade

Made in Bulgaria
Invoice Price Category 
Сладка и мармалади без захар
BGN 6.44

This is worthy heir to the rosehip marmalade from our childhood.  With one important difference there is no added sugar and one little but significant characteristic is added pekmez . Anyone who has try it knows what a wonderful addition the pekmez is added to marmalade. If someone hasn’t tried yet they have to try it soon as possibility.

Ingredients: organic rosehip (50%) organic pekmez

Ingredients: organic rosehip, organic pekmez 

Energy value per 100 g

Energy / 894 kK / 213 kcal 
Total fats / 1 g (of wich saturates 0.1g)
Carbohydrates / 53,1 g (of wich sugars  34.1g)
Protein / 0.1 g
Salt / 04 g 



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