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Sofia Delivery

You can choose between two options - single order or subscription order. Once you add a product to your Kashon you can choose how often you would like to have the products delivered.

So if you choose the option "Weekly" to a number of products and "Single" to all other products, you will get all the products with your next order, and only the ones marked "Weekly" will be automatically added to your next order. By default the day and time of delivery will remain the same for each order. If you would like to change that, you can do it in your Profile.

You can make changes to your Kashon each day until 12 am in the day of delivery. In your Profile you will find the options to change products, addresses, subscriptions, you can pause or cancel a subscription.

We encourage you to keep your Kashon box and return it with your next order so that we can reuse or recycle it.

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