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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Bio Bulgaria Ltd


1. What is Personal Data?  Personal data means any information about an identified or identifiable individual collected through this website. The identification can be made from self-reported information or from a combination of any other information stored and owned by the personal data controller. The processing of personal data by the controller is based on Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, dated 27.4.2016.

2. Who are we? Bio Bulgaria Ltd. is an Administrator of Personal Data. This means that the company, as an administrator, determines how it processes your personal data and for what purpose.

3. How do we process your personal data? The Administrator shall carry out their duties under Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, dated27.4.2016, namely:

stores and updates your personal data

stores and destroys these data in a regulated and secure way;

does not collect or store large quantities or unnecessary personal data;

protects the loss of data, their misuse, unauthorized access, and it provides appropriate technical measures for the protection of those personal data.

The Administrator uses your personal data for the following use:

To administer user accounts;

To manage the Kashon by harmonica web site and to provide the services and goods that customers have purchased;

To maintain own user accounts on the web site;

For direct marketing purposes;

For sending news, advertising materials, event invitation, promotions, discounts,  and other activities, to registered users;

To deliver relevant data to courier companies, if necessary, so that the shipment of purchased goods can be delivered to the customer.

4. What is the legal basis for the processing of your personal information by the Administrator? The administrator processes your personal data through your explicit consent as owner of the data. This is required so that you can be informed about the products, promotions, news, events and activities Kashon by harmonica offers.

5. Data Sharing by the Administrator. Your personal data will be treated strictly confidentially, stored in processing registers provided for this purpose, and will be shared with courier companies for purposes and in connection with the execution of the Company's core business. We will not share your personal data with third parties without your explicit consent.

6. How long will the Administrator store your personal data and information? The administrator stores your data in accordance with the storage guidelines that are located on kashonharmonica.com. In particular, it keeps your data as site users while they are currently available until you delete your account. Then your data is deleted, but the storage does not last for more than 6 months.

7. Your rights and your personal data. Unless you fall within any of the exceptions to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, you have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

Right to information and right to receive a copy of your personal data that the Administrator stores for you;

Right to ask the Administrator to correct any personal data concerning you that is untrue or not up to date; 

The right to ask for your personal data to be erased ("the right to be forgotten") if the administrator does not need the processing and storage of your personal data;

The right to withdraw your consent to processing your data at any time;

The right of objection regarding the processing of personal data by the Administrator;

Right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Commission;

8. Future use of personal data. If we need to use your personal data for a new purpose that is not covered by this data protection regulation, we will provide you with a new notice explaining this new use before we begin processing and will indicate the relevant purposes and reasons for processing. Wherever and whenever necessary, we will request your prior consent for the new processing.

In order to exercise all rights when it comes to inquiries and complaints, please contact the Personal Data Protection Commission.

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