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Out of Sofia Delivery

You can now order your Kashon to an address outside of Sofia!

Your Kashon will be sent to you in the day you've chosen upon ordering. So if you chose to have it sent on Wednesday of each week at 1-3 pm, then this is the day and time that the courier will pick it up from our office and you will receive it the next day.

You can make changes to your Kashon until 2 pm in the day when it ships.

Some of the products we offer need to be refrigerated to be fresh, this is why we use thermo-insulating bag for those products. The price for each such bag is 2.5 BGN and will be charged to your order. If you would like to skip the thermo-insulating bag (although we do not recommend it), you can do so by writing a comment in the comments section of your order.

Your Kashon will be delivered to a Speedy or Ekont office under the following terms:

  • We will choose the office that is closest to the one you've written in your order. If you would like us to send it to a specific office or to an address of your choice, you can tell us in the comments section of your order. We will contact you to confirm the order and the delivery options. Your Kashon will arrive the day after the shipment date you've outlined in your order.
  • The shipment fee is 3.99 BGN for orders up to 70 BGN and free of charge for orders above 70 BGN.
  • If you would like to have your Kashon delivered to your door, there's an additional fee of 2.99 BGN.




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