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We are Kashon. Kashon by harmonica.

What we could do to make your life easier is really rather simple – we can deliver harmonica’s delicious food to your office, home, vacation camper or anywhere else you might currently be, and we make it fast (up to 24 hours). We can give you great discounts and special offers each month.

Why do we do it?

Because we care. We want to support you in your endeavor to live well and eat healthy quality food. harmonica’s food is created with detailed attention to the quality of the ingredients, and what best can prove that, but the fine taste? We can’t tell you about the taste, you will have to try for yourselves. But we can tell you about the process. We create the products with care for people’s health, all the animals, plants and the planet. We don’t use synthetic fertilizers which harm living organisms and pollute our soil, water and air. With our work we aim to provide the best possible solutions to environmental challenges and we strive to offer delicious food with no compromise when it comes to quality.

  • And we have a special offer for you. Register now and you will get:
  •  - up to 15% personal discount on all products,
  •  - monthly special offers and even bigger discounts,
  •  - delivery in Sofia within the same day of if order is placed before 12 o’clock at noon,
  •  - unmatched quality


It is a great joy to us that we can do what we do and that more people trust us and the quality of our products.

We’d be glad to have you join us!

Reasons to shop with Kashon by harmonica

Organic food of outstanding quality. Created with care for your family and care for the environment.

Save time and money. New promo offers each month.

Easy and convenient weekly shopping. Choose a subscription plan or make single orders at your convenience.

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