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Кашон Бъдни вечер

BGN 44.94

Organic food of outstanding quality. Created with care for your family and care for the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ready-made Kashon and can I change its content?

Готовите Кашони са нашите подбрани предложения с добра храна. Те са фиксирани и не могат да се променят, но можете да добавите каквото поискате от продуктовия каталог. 

Are all products certified organic?

All harmonica products go through a thorough organic certification and are of verified organic origin.

I am experiencing issues with a product or service. What can I do?

We are dedicated to providing the best possible service and we welcome all feedback that can help us achieve that. You can reach us at 0882277191, kashon@harmonica.bg or chat with us on the website. We'll do our best to solve

How can I make a Kashon with products of my own choice?

It's easy. Just go to the section "Products". You can put different products in different Kashon boxes. When you add a product you have the option to choose how often you want this product delivered. Depending on that regularity the products will then automatically group in the same Kashon.

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